Add visibleTo parameter to extra displayed columns
[ldapsaisie.git] / public_html / templates / default / viewSearch.tpl
2017-01-25 Benjamin RenardAdd visibleTo parameter to extra displayed columns
2015-08-12 Benjamin RenardLSsearch : add cssStyle extraDisplayedColumns's parameter
2014-10-27 Benjamin RenardFix viewSearch template on no result case with extraDis...
2014-06-17 Benjamin RenardLSobject : Add possibility to add extra displayed colum...
2013-06-18 Benjamin RenardManage image path with LStemplate
2013-06-17 Benjamin RenardLStemplate : added a template abstraction class
2012-09-02 Benjamin RenardAdd compatibility to Smarty 3
2012-09-02 Benjamin RenardTemplate default : fixed bad way to browse a range...
2012-05-03 Benjamin RenardAdded object's DN escape in links's URL
2010-02-19 Benjamin RenardTemplate/default/viewSearch : Not display predefinedFil...
2010-02-03 Benjamin RenardLSsearch : added predefined filters parameters
2009-11-13 Benjamin RenardRename trunk directory to public_html