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2017-03-23 Benjamin RenardFix view access to specific autorized LSobject even...
2017-01-31 Benjamin RenardRename missnamed recent object template variable to...
2017-01-25 Benjamin RenardAdd LStemplate assignment for current object in view
2017-01-25 Benjamin RenardAdd helpInfo parameter for customActions
2015-07-30 Benjamin RenardFix last commit to be compliant also with php 5.4
2015-07-30 Benjamin RenardDisplay import button only for LSobject type with confi...
2015-07-30 Benjamin RenardAdd import feature
2014-10-08 Benjamin RenardLSsearch : add customAction feature
2014-06-17 Benjamin RenardLSobject : Add possibility to add extra displayed colum...
2013-06-17 Benjamin RenardLStemplate : added a template abstraction class
2012-10-04 Benjamin RenardCustomActions : Added hideLabel feature
2012-05-03 Benjamin RenardAdded urlencode() of object's DN in customActions links...
2012-05-03 Benjamin RenardAdded urlencode() of object's DN in copy and remove...
2012-05-03 Benjamin RenardAdded urlencode() of object's DN in modify link URL
2012-05-03 Benjamin Renardadded urldecode() of object DN in request
2011-07-06 Benjamin RenardLSobject / customAction : Added noConfirmation parameter
2011-05-20 Benjamin RenardLSldapObject / Custom actions : Added ajax validation...
2011-03-25 Benjamin RenardAdded custum action feature
2010-11-16 Benjamin RenardView : Fixed Notice PHP
2010-02-14 Benjamin Renard- LSsearch :
2010-02-03 Benjamin RenardLSsearch : added predefined filters parameters
2009-11-13 Benjamin RenardRename trunk directory to public_html