2010-11-17 rootImprove CSS
2010-11-17 rootCleaning sfd admin
2010-11-17 rootFix admin sfd and js, fix node faq and agenda
2010-11-17 rootFix admin, carousel and edit page. Upgrade modules.
2010-10-04 rootFix pathauto
2010-10-01 rootBreadcrumb cleaning
2010-09-30 rootSite is now correctly expandable
2010-09-29 rootFix 1024 display, add similar articles and some fixes
2010-09-27 rootAdd logo management
2010-09-25 rootAdd dompdf into the Makefile
2010-09-25 rootFix tool bar and add ImageField module
2010-09-25 rootNew FAQ block
2010-09-24 rootFix search bar
2010-09-24 rootFix 'a la une' box
2010-09-24 rootFix node edition
2010-09-24 rootW3C fixes, template splitting and display fixes
2010-09-22 rootAdd new theme data
2010-09-22 rootIntegrate new article page
2010-09-20 rootUpdate news for the new template
2010-09-20 rootCleaning css loading and add the new footer
2010-09-20 rootNew sfd theme
2010-05-19 rootPolish calendar implementation
2010-05-18 rootAdd calendar support
2010-04-27 rootFix LDAP synchronisation in GO, links block,
2010-04-21 rootFix md5 ldap generation in ldapsync
2010-04-21 rootAdd ldapsync module for groupoffice which synchronises...
2010-04-01 rootFix groupoffice's sso module
2010-03-25 rootAdd color management and add a new WYSIWYG editor
2010-03-24 rootChange working of "A la une" and fixes css bugs
2010-03-22 root The news block is now OK. Begin the implementation...
2010-03-17 rootNavigation bar is know ok
2010-03-10 rootSeperate the footer and header and add the new template
2010-03-08 rootAdd SFD theme
2010-02-15 Jerome Schneideradd default settings
2010-02-10 Jerome SchneiderAdd GroupOffice implementation of sharedauth
2010-02-09 Jerome SchneiderFix the Drupal SSO module and update the phpBB SSO...
2010-02-09 Jerome SchneiderFinal version of the Drupal authmem module
2010-02-05 Jerome Schneidercontinue drupal module
2010-02-03 Jerome Schneideradd memcache shared auth module for drupal
2010-02-01 jschneiderAdd a Makefile, fix phpBB module and clean the basic...
2010-02-01 jschneiderAdd phpbb auth module
2010-01-29 jschneiderAdd french translation and add get session support
2010-01-29 jschneiderrename authmemcookie module to sharedauth
2010-01-28 jschneiderAdd a todo list
2010-01-28 jschneiderAdd a php library which manage authentification in...
2010-01-22 jschneiderAdd popular bloc
2010-01-13 jschneiderUpdate database
2010-01-08 jschneiderUpdate database and Makefile
2009-12-03 Jérôme SchneiderInitial import