add test for impl_get_path_by_opt and impl_get_opt_by_path
[tiramisu.git] / doc / glossary.txt
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2013-08-21 gwendocumentation update and docstrings
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2013-08-20 gwendocumentation update
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2013-05-21 gwendoc is ready for the new api refactoring
2013-05-15 gwenrefactoring the doc for the 0.55 new API
2012-11-20 gwendoc: migrated to sphinx
2012-10-05 gwenadd docstring and some docs
2012-08-13 gwenOption.force_default() -> opt value returns the default...
2012-08-13 gwenopt.hidden and opt.disabled is replaced by
2012-07-13 gweneverything in src for packaging purposes
2012-07-13 gweneverything in src for packaging purposes
2012-05-22 gwendoc update
2012-05-13 gwenfirst revision