now we know wich property has been matched
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2012-08-14 gwendoc: auto and fill have new meanings now
2012-08-13 gwenOption.force_default() -> opt value returns the default...
2012-08-13 gwenopt.hidden and opt.disabled is replaced by
2012-08-13 gwendoc : None is a possible value for the options
2012-08-13 gwensuppression of the notion of normal and expert mode
2012-07-23 gwenauthors file
2012-07-23 gwenMerge remote-tracking branch 'eole/master'
2012-07-23 gwencode2html works again and doc licence
2012-07-13 gweneverything in src for packaging purposes
2012-07-13 gweneverything in src for packaging purposes
2012-07-10 gwenprevious value api method
2012-06-25 gwenadd autopath to executable doc
2012-06-15 gwenpresentation tiramisu
2012-06-14 gweneole presentation
2012-06-13 gweneole presentation
2012-06-12 gwenpresentation
2012-06-12 gweneole presentation finished
2012-06-11 gwensome cleaning
2012-06-07 gwenbasetypes in another module
2012-05-24 gwenreorder autolib
2012-05-22 gwendoc update
2012-05-22 gwenadd epydoc api documentation
2012-05-14 gwenadd licence file and licence headers in code
2012-05-13 gwenfirst revision