when we get an option's value, we need it's values to calculate properties (ie for...
[tiramisu.git] / setup.py
2013-09-16 Emmanuel Garettecorrections in setup.py
2013-09-12 gwenadds storage in setup
2013-09-11 gwenversion for setup.py
2013-09-09 Daniel DehenninStorages are not installed
2013-09-02 gwenmerge
2013-09-02 gwenmakefile and docstrings
2013-09-01 Emmanuel Garetteupdate Makefile and setup.py
2013-08-29 gwenversion for setup.py
2013-07-18 Daniel DehenninFix installation for non EOLE developpers
2012-07-24 Daniel DehenninDynamic version and Makefile target to generate a distr...
2012-07-23 gwensetup version
2012-07-23 gwenMerge remote-tracking branch 'eole/master'
2012-07-23 Daniel DehenninThe package_dir is useless when the directory name...
2012-07-23 gwenrelative imports to absolute imports (fixes #2667)
2012-07-13 gwenready for debian packaging now