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[tiramisu.git] / test /
2013-12-12 Emmanuel GaretteMerge branch 'master' into orm
2013-12-09 Emmanuel Garetteadd more tests
2013-12-09 Emmanuel GaretteImportant behavior change : to add default_multi value...
2013-12-09 Emmanuel Garettemore tests
2013-11-23 Emmanuel Garettefirst version with sqlalchemy option's storage
2013-09-27 gwenrefactor (warnings_only)
2013-09-03 gwenMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.labs.libre-entrepris...
2013-09-03 Emmanuel Garetteimpl_get_information and impl_set_information are,...
2013-08-29 gwenMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.labs.libre-entrepris...
2013-08-29 Emmanuel Garetteadd test for impl_get_path_by_opt and impl_get_opt_by_path
2013-08-28 gwenpython 3 compatibility
2013-08-25 Emmanuel Garetteadd some tests for values
2013-08-24 Emmanuel Garetteadd test to known if has a value + some corrections
2013-08-24 Emmanuel Garettetest get_modified_values
2013-08-24 Emmanuel Garettein __setattr__, name should never be object's variable...
2013-08-22 gwendocumentation on the tests
2013-08-21 Emmanuel Garettekey is now always path and change opt by path dictionar...
2013-07-03 Emmanuel GaretteConfig: __str__ raise if no str/unicode value
2013-05-08 Emmanuel Garette* config herite from BaseInformation class
2013-04-20 Emmanuel Garetteadd option name's validation and rename Option method...
2013-04-16 Emmanuel Garettemandatory is a true property (no more MandatoryError...
2013-04-03 Emmanuel Garetteoptimisations and all is properties
2013-03-15 gwentests for get_home_by_paths
2013-02-07 gwenvalues are in value objects now
2012-11-19 gwendoc for the settings
2012-11-15 gwenthe value owner is a string now
2012-11-12 gwensuppression of the override
2012-07-23 gwentests are passing again after package renaming
2012-07-13 gweneverything in src for packaging purposes
2012-07-13 gweneverything in src for packaging purposes
2012-06-29 gwenpossibility to reset a value
2012-06-29 gwenpossibility to reset a value
2012-05-13 gwenfirst revision