add tests for find()
[tiramisu.git] / test /
2014-02-01 Emmanuel Garetteadd tests for find()
2013-10-01 Emmanuel Garetterename FileOption to FilenameOption
2013-09-30 Emmanuel Garetteadd FileOption
2013-09-22 Emmanuel Garetteadd find test value in a multi's option
2013-09-02 gwennew logo for the tiramisu project
2013-08-24 Emmanuel Garettegetowner need now an option
2013-08-24 Emmanuel Garettein __setattr__, name should never be object's variable...
2013-04-20 Emmanuel Garetteadd option name's validation and rename Option method...
2013-04-14 Emmanuel Garettereview exception
2013-04-13 Emmanuel Garetteattribute in Option now starts with '_'
2013-04-08 Emmanuel GaretteNoValueReturn is not needed now + apply_requires is...
2013-04-04 Emmanuel Garetterewrite make_dict
2013-04-03 Emmanuel Garetteoptimisations and all is properties
2013-02-27 gwenfinally a getvalue without a getattr
2013-01-28 gwenfind raises an exception if no option found Fixes ...
2012-11-15 gwenthe value owner is a string now
2012-11-12 gwensuppression of the override
2012-10-12 gwenfind method in config filters by attrs
2012-10-11 gwenfind method in config
2012-10-05 gwen__dir__ deleted
2012-07-23 gwentests are passing again after package renaming
2012-07-13 gweneverything in src for packaging purposes
2012-07-13 gweneverything in src for packaging purposes
2012-05-13 gwenfirst revision