add more tests
[tiramisu.git] / test /
2013-12-09 Emmanuel Garetteadd more tests
2013-09-28 Emmanuel Garettetiramisu/
2013-09-27 Emmanuel Garetteconsistancies can have more than one option
2013-09-04 gwenMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.labs.libre-entrepris...
2013-09-03 Emmanuel Garettesupport cache consistencies + no consistencies for...
2013-08-25 Emmanuel Garetteadd some tests for values
2013-08-24 Emmanuel Garettegetowner need now an option
2013-05-10 Emmanuel Garettemulti, None and validation
2013-05-10 Emmanuel Garettetiramisu/ optimpl_ => impl_
2013-05-08 Emmanuel Garette* config herite from BaseInformation class
2013-04-26 Emmanuel GaretteRequires need option, not path
2013-04-23 Emmanuel Garetteremove an unused callback in test
2013-04-22 Emmanuel Garetteremove _setoption in SymLinkOption
2013-04-20 Emmanuel GaretteManipulate properties is now more convenient:
2013-04-20 Emmanuel Garettecache for properties is now in get_properties and not...
2013-04-17 Emmanuel Garettepass force_properties to value's _setitem and remove...
2013-04-17 Emmanuel Garetteproperties validation not in setting and now launch...
2013-04-14 Emmanuel Garettereview exception
2013-04-11 Emmanuel GaretteValues validate now value
2013-04-03 Emmanuel Garetteoptimisations and all is properties
2013-02-07 gwenvalues are in value objects now
2012-12-10 gwenowners are *real* objects now
2012-11-12 gwensuppression of the override
2012-08-16 gwencommented code for unicity by name
2012-08-13 gwenopt.hidden and opt.disabled is replaced by
2012-07-23 gwentests are passing again after package renaming
2012-07-13 gweneverything in src for packaging purposes
2012-07-13 gweneverything in src for packaging purposes
2012-05-13 gwenfirst revision