python 3.5 support
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2017-07-09 Emmanuel Garettepython 3.5 support
2017-04-20 Emmanuel Garettereset cache when permissive is added
2015-07-24 Emmanuel Garetteremove pep8 validation errors
2014-03-15 Emmanuel GaretteMerge branch 'master' into lgpl
2014-02-02 Emmanuel GaretteMerge branch 'master' into metaconfig
2014-01-18 Emmanuel GaretteMerge branch 'master' into orm
2014-01-16 Emmanuel Garetteregression: permissive for option is apply every time...
2013-12-12 Emmanuel GaretteMerge branch 'master' into orm
2013-12-09 Emmanuel Garettecheck if permissive is in global properties before...
2013-08-28 Emmanuel Garetteorder in properties can change
2013-08-28 gwenpython 3 compatibility
2013-08-23 Emmanuel GaretteMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.labs.libre-entrepris...
2013-08-23 Emmanuel Garettetest invalid owner in setowner
2013-08-21 Emmanuel Garettekey is now always path and change opt by path dictionar...
2013-05-02 Emmanuel Garettework on MetaConfig
2013-04-22 Emmanuel Garetteremove _setoption in SymLinkOption
2013-04-20 Emmanuel GaretteManipulate properties is now more convenient: