separate baseoption and option
[tiramisu.git] / test /
2017-07-24 Emmanuel Garettereorganise Base and Option
2017-07-22 Emmanuel Garetteremove option's storage
2017-07-21 Emmanuel Garettecoverage
2017-07-21 Emmanuel Garetteremove pickle dump/load support
2017-07-21 Emmanuel Garettecoverage
2017-07-19 Emmanuel GaretteIn Config, name and session_id was quite equal, remove...
2017-07-16 Emmanuel Garetteless commit + better meta support
2017-07-16 Emmanuel Garettepermissive only if needed + global properties are in...
2017-07-13 Emmanuel Garetteadd permissive cache
2017-07-11 Emmanuel Garettemany improvment
2017-07-09 Emmanuel Garettebetter slate tests
2017-07-09 Emmanuel Garettepython 3.5 support
2017-07-08 Emmanuel Garettebetter cache
2017-07-04 Emmanuel Garetteupdate sqlite storage
2017-06-16 Emmanuel GaretteMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/2.1'
2017-05-20 Emmanuel Garetteadd 'operator' to requirement
2017-05-20 Emmanuel GaretteMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/2.1'
2017-05-17 Emmanuel Garetteadd 'remove' to Multi
2017-05-06 Emmanuel Garetteadd check_frozen in slave
2017-04-20 Emmanuel Garettereset cache when permissive is added
2017-03-17 Emmanuel Garettesupport delitem for Multi
2017-03-06 Emmanuel Garettecheck uniq value for a slave
2017-03-02 Emmanuel Garettegood value for callback for a slave that return a list
2017-02-12 Emmanuel Garetteerror in external function should returns only ConfigError
2017-02-11 Emmanuel Garetteerror in external function should returns explicit...
2017-02-11 Emmanuel Garettecoverage for tiramisu/
2017-02-04 Emmanuel Garettecoverage for tiramisu/option/
2017-02-04 Emmanuel Garettecoverage for tiramisu/option/
2017-02-03 Emmanuel Garettecoverage
2017-01-30 Emmanuel Garetterequire with inverse
2017-01-26 Emmanuel Garetteadd test test_symlink_getproperties and test_symlink_ge...
2017-01-26 Emmanuel Garetteadd test test_validator_params_value_values_kwargs_empty
2017-01-26 Emmanuel Garettetest lenght for a slave that have list as callback_params
2017-01-26 Emmanuel Garettevalidate value when we calculate it
2017-01-19 Emmanuel Garetteremove unicode decode error
2017-01-18 Emmanuel Garettevalidator's function can have 1 arg, 2 args or 3 args
2017-01-16 Emmanuel Garettevalidator's function can have 1 arg, 2 args or 3 args
2017-01-12 Emmanuel Garettevalidator's function can have 1 arg, 2 args or 3 args
2017-01-12 Emmanuel Garettecan mix inversed and non inversed requires
2017-01-11 Emmanuel Garettecopy the context in carry_out_calculation
2017-01-09 Emmanuel Garettecorrection in fullpath option
2017-01-06 Emmanuel Garetteadd fullpath to make_dict
2016-12-07 Emmanuel Garettemandatories masterslaves with consistency and default...
2016-11-20 Emmanuel Garettecoverage
2016-11-20 Emmanuel Garettewarnings only if needed
2016-11-19 Emmanuel Garetteadd unique parameter to option
2016-11-16 Emmanuel Garetteconsistency "not_equal" works now with multi
2016-11-14 Emmanuel Garetteslave's requires with multi is different than slave...
2016-10-21 Emmanuel Garettepooling EmailOption, UsernameOption and FilenameOption
2016-10-14 Emmanuel Garettedon't display warning in mandatory_warnings
2016-10-12 Emmanuel Garettetransitive in apply_requires should only by apply if...
2016-10-12 Emmanuel Garetteconsistency is now check not_equal if one option has...
2016-10-12 Emmanuel GaretteMerge branch '2.0'
2016-10-12 Emmanuel Garetteslave with requires could not raise 2.0
2016-10-10 Emmanuel Garettesome improvements
2016-10-01 Emmanuel Garettebetter sqlalchemy integration
2016-09-30 Emmanuel Garettebetter sqlalchemy integration
2016-09-22 Emmanuel GaretteMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/2.0'
2016-09-22 Emmanuel Garetteforce_store_value is rebuild if needed
2016-09-14 Emmanuel Garettebetter propertyerror message
2016-09-11 Emmanuel Garettebetter error messages
2016-08-31 Emmanuel Garettedomainname must not be an IP
2016-06-30 Emmanuel Garetteuse relative importation
2016-06-29 Emmanuel Garettebetter mandatory/empty support for mandatory_warnings
2016-03-29 Emmanuel Garetteupdate sqlalchemy storage for values et settings
2016-03-24 Emmanuel GaretteValidation should return exception, not raises exception
2016-03-21 Emmanuel Garettemaster.slave[-1] = val now works correctly
2016-03-19 Emmanuel Garettepython 3.4 support
2016-03-18 Emmanuel Garettevalid correctly consistencies for master/slaves
2016-03-18 Emmanuel Garettetest: set force_permissive to append
2016-03-17 Emmanuel Garettesupport callback with propertyerror in master for manda...
2016-03-16 Emmanuel Garettedon't check 'mandatory' setting for symlink
2016-03-10 Emmanuel Garetteupdate
2016-03-08 Emmanuel Garettesetitem for a slave only modify current value
2016-03-07 Emmanuel Garetteadd force_permissive to Values.is_default_owner
2016-03-07 Emmanuel Garetteforce_store_value is now used directly when configurati...
2016-01-25 Emmanuel Garettecan set owner for a slave
2016-01-25 Emmanuel Garettecannot append properties for option with forbidden_set_...
2016-01-03 Emmanuel Garetteremove all try/except
2016-01-03 Emmanuel Garetteremove some try/except + consistency not works with...
2015-12-31 Emmanuel Garettesimplify _setvalue
2015-12-23 Emmanuel Garettebetter support for dynoptiondescription
2015-12-22 Emmanuel Garetteadd some optimisations
2015-12-18 Emmanuel Garettesome optimisation
2015-12-17 Emmanuel Garettesimplification
2015-11-30 Emmanuel Garetteimprovemnt information
2015-11-29 Emmanuel Garetterequires could be apply to a slave and properties could...
2015-11-26 Emmanuel Garetteimpl_get_values with calculated values and no context...
2015-11-24 Emmanuel Garetteuse python-coverage to delete dead part of code
2015-11-19 Emmanuel Garetteseparate value in slave
2015-11-01 Emmanuel Garetteunserialise information and requires attribute
2015-10-30 Emmanuel Garettesupport multi when picklise object
2015-10-30 Emmanuel Garettesupport context param in picklisation
2015-10-29 Emmanuel Garetteoptimise mandatory_warnings
2015-10-26 Emmanuel Garettevalid properties for slaves when set or append a master...
2015-10-12 Emmanuel Garettedomainname with only one character is now allowed
2015-09-17 Emmanuel Garettecheck with option as parameter
2015-09-17 Emmanuel Garetteneed new settings when create fake_config
2015-07-26 Emmanuel Garetteadd global 'empty' property, this property raise mandat...
2015-07-24 Emmanuel Garetteadd duplicate option to Config