use polymorphism
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2014-01-09 Emmanuel Garetteuse polymorphism
2014-01-09 Emmanuel GaretteMerge branch 'master' into orm
2013-12-12 Emmanuel GaretteMerge branch 'master' into orm
2013-12-09 Emmanuel Garettecheck if permissive is in global properties before...
2013-12-09 Emmanuel GaretteImportant behavior change in callback with multi.
2013-11-23 Emmanuel Garettefirst version with sqlalchemy option's storage
2013-09-24 gwenMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.labs.libre-entrepris...
2013-09-23 Emmanuel Garettecomment tiramisu/ + some modification
2013-09-19 Emmanuel Garetterefactore carry_out_calculation + test + documentation
2013-08-28 gwenpython 3 compatibility
2013-08-21 gwendocumentation and docstring updates
2013-07-17 Emmanuel Garetteupdate french translation
2013-06-26 Emmanuel Garettecallback with option in params which is in an hidden...
2013-06-13 Emmanuel Garettesymlink support for getowner and raise if option in...
2013-06-12 Emmanuel GaretteConfigError, not PropertiesOptionError if cannot access...
2013-06-12 Emmanuel GaretteWorks callback/multi/master-slave
2013-05-23 gwenadd docstrings
2013-05-21 gwennew api documentation
2013-05-10 gwendocstrings
2013-05-10 Emmanuel Garettetiramisu/ optimpl_ => impl_
2013-04-22 Emmanuel Garettedon't raise if check_disabled is True
2013-04-22 Emmanuel Garettemissing import
2013-04-22 Emmanuel Garettecallback must be a function and validator support same...
2013-04-22 Emmanuel Garetteremove _setoption in SymLinkOption
2013-04-14 Emmanuel Garettereview exception
2013-04-03 Emmanuel Garetteoptimisations and all is properties
2012-12-04 gwenvalidation of the len of the multi in a group
2012-10-17 gwenmulti options
2012-10-16 gwenpermissive in the getattr
2012-10-15 gwentrimming options's callbacks
2012-09-18 gwenautolib imports
2012-09-18 gweneosfunc and autolib
2012-08-14 gwenreplace special_owner with hascallback_and_freeze
2012-08-13 gwenopt.hidden and opt.disabled is replaced by
2012-07-25 gwenvarious misspellings
2012-07-23 gwenrelative imports to absolute imports (fixes #2667)