NoValueReturn is not needed now + apply_requires is now in settings
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2013-04-08 Emmanuel GaretteNoValueReturn is not needed now + apply_requires is...
2013-02-22 gwenadd masters/slaves in the Values()
2013-02-21 gwenrefactoring values
2012-10-16 gwenpermissive in the getattr
2012-09-18 gweneosfunc and autolib
2012-09-07 gwennow we know wich property has been matched
2012-08-14 gwenreplace special_owner with hascallback_and_freeze
2012-08-13 gwenopt.hidden and opt.disabled is replaced by
2012-08-13 gwensuppression of the notion of normal and expert mode
2012-07-26 gwenrecursive requirements are detected now
2012-07-23 gwenrelative imports to absolute imports (fixes #2667)