require works well in sqlalchemy storage
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2014-01-27 Emmanuel Garetterequire works well in sqlalchemy storage
2014-01-25 Emmanuel GaretteMerge branch 'master' into orm
2014-01-25 Emmanuel GaretteMerge branch 'master' into orm
2014-01-25 Emmanuel Garettecache
2014-01-20 Emmanuel Garettep8p
2014-01-20 Emmanuel Garettesqlalchemy has a storage
2014-01-18 Emmanuel GaretteMerge branch 'master' into orm
2014-01-16 Emmanuel Garettecorrections
2014-01-09 Emmanuel Garetteuse polymorphism
2014-01-09 Emmanuel GaretteMerge branch 'master' into orm
2013-12-12 Emmanuel GaretteMerge branch 'master' into orm
2013-12-09 Emmanuel Garetteremove unused code
2013-12-09 Emmanuel Garettebetter name's validation
2013-12-09 Emmanuel GaretteImportant behavior change in callback with multi.
2013-12-05 gwenimprecise error message
2013-12-04 Emmanuel Garetteno more used and_
2013-12-04 gwenan error message has been deleted by error, ref #6740
2013-12-04 gwenan error message has been deleted by error
2013-12-02 gwenvalidation of an ip if an ip term starts with a zero
2013-11-23 Emmanuel Garettefirst version with sqlalchemy option's storage
2013-10-01 Emmanuel GaretteEmailOption and URLOption : let user choose attr for...
2013-10-01 Emmanuel Garettecorrection in allow_without_dot + test
2013-10-01 Emmanuel Garetterename FileOption to FilenameOption
2013-09-30 Emmanuel Garetteupdate invalid's message and display all informations...
2013-09-30 Emmanuel Garetteupdate invalid's message and display all informations...
2013-09-30 Emmanuel Garetteadd FileOption
2013-09-30 Emmanuel Garetterefactor DomainnameOption
2013-09-28 Emmanuel Garettetiramisu/
2013-09-27 Emmanuel Garetteconsistancies can have more than one option
2013-09-27 gwenrefactor name only_private
2013-09-27 gwenrefactor (warnings_only)
2013-09-26 Emmanuel Garetteerror message for ip/broadcast/netmask/network validation
2013-09-26 Emmanuel Garettefrench translation correction
2013-09-26 Emmanuel Garetteuse warnings instead of a new dictionary
2013-09-25 Emmanuel Garetteadd _second_level_validation (second's one return only...
2013-09-24 Emmanuel Garetteadd warning ability
2013-09-24 gwenMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.labs.libre-entrepris...
2013-09-23 Emmanuel Garetteupdate french translation
2013-09-22 Emmanuel Garettewe can serialize Config now
2013-09-20 Emmanuel Garetteserialize new callback
2013-09-19 Emmanuel Garetteadd allow_reserved in IPOption
2013-09-19 Emmanuel Garetterefactore carry_out_calculation + test + documentation
2013-09-17 gwenMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.labs.libre-entrepris...
2013-09-16 gwenMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.labs.libre-entrepris...
2013-09-16 gwendouble negation in error msg
2013-09-14 Emmanuel Garetteupdate doc
2013-09-06 Emmanuel Garettestorage no more in, code is now in storage...
2013-09-04 gwenMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.labs.libre-entrepris...
2013-09-04 gwenpep8 line too long
2013-09-03 Emmanuel Garettesupport cache consistencies + no consistencies for...
2013-09-03 gwenMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.labs.libre-entrepris...
2013-09-03 gwendocstrings
2013-09-03 Emmanuel Garetteimpl_get_information and impl_set_information are,...
2013-09-02 Emmanuel Garetteadd __setstate__ to loads from a serialised object
2013-09-02 Emmanuel Garettetrue serialize for _children
2013-09-02 Emmanuel Garetteupdate __slots__ for Option/BaseOption
2013-09-02 Emmanuel Garettefactorise Option and OptionDescription init
2013-09-02 Emmanuel Garettecannot set properties if those properties are in requir...
2013-09-02 Emmanuel Garetterequirements: calculate all requirements for an option
2013-09-02 gwenmerge
2013-09-02 gwenmakefile and docstrings
2013-09-02 Emmanuel Garettean OptionDescription can be serialized
2013-09-01 Emmanuel Garettecan export options
2013-08-31 Emmanuel Garette- add "make build-pot" to build or update translations...
2013-08-30 Emmanuel Garetteattributes in Option are now read-only if option set...
2013-08-28 gwenpython 3 compatibility
2013-08-28 gwenMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.labs.libre-entrepris...
2013-08-28 Emmanuel Garettepep8
2013-08-28 Emmanuel Garettepep8
2013-08-27 Emmanuel Garetteadd test test/ + memoryleaks in...
2013-08-26 Emmanuel GaretteConstError in tiramisu/
2013-08-24 Emmanuel Garette_calc_requirement is a set, not a tuple
2013-08-23 Emmanuel GaretteMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.labs.libre-entrepris...
2013-08-23 gwenautomatic API documentation
2013-08-22 Emmanuel Garettenever same calculated properties has properties (only...
2013-08-22 gwendocumentation on the requirements and docstring updates
2013-08-20 Emmanuel Garettemerge from val_prop_plugin branch
2013-08-20 Emmanuel Garettemerge from master
2013-08-20 gwenpep 8 lines too long
2013-08-20 Emmanuel Garettewe can personalise storage easily
2013-08-19 Emmanuel Garetteadd sqlite plugin
2013-07-18 Emmanuel Garetteupdate translation
2013-07-17 Emmanuel Garetteupdate french translation
2013-07-17 Emmanuel Garettereturn true error message when validation
2013-07-13 Emmanuel Garette- can reset directly custom settings for an option...
2013-07-11 Emmanuel Garettecan't use RESERVED address in IPOption and NetworkOption
2013-07-11 Emmanuel Garetteadd new option's type: PortOption
2013-07-03 Emmanuel Garettesupport multi requirement with inverse for same option
2013-07-02 gwenstring.format with numeric parameters
2013-07-01 Emmanuel GaretteRemove 'build_actions' in 'apply_requires', now 'valida...
2013-06-29 Emmanuel Garetterequirement are now a dictionary (not anymore a tuple)
2013-06-26 Emmanuel Garettevalidate_requires_arg return requires list
2013-06-14 Emmanuel Garettebetter raise message if try to launch impl_get_informat...
2013-06-13 Emmanuel Garettesymlink support for getowner and raise if option in...
2013-06-13 Emmanuel Garetteapply_requires: add property if any property raise...
2013-06-13 Emmanuel Garetteallow None in requirement
2013-06-04 gwenMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.labs.libre-entrepris...
2013-05-31 Emmanuel GaretteRequirementRecursiveError => RequirementError
2013-05-23 gwenadd docstrings
2013-05-21 gwenMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.labs.libre-entrepris...