update sqlalchemy storage for values et settings
[tiramisu.git] / tiramisu / option / masterslave.py
2016-03-29 Emmanuel Garetteupdate sqlalchemy storage for values et settings
2016-03-17 Emmanuel Garetteset force_permissive to append
2016-03-17 Emmanuel Garettesupport callback with propertyerror in master for manda...
2016-01-06 Emmanuel Garetteremove try/except
2016-01-03 Emmanuel Garetteremove all try/except
2016-01-03 Emmanuel Garetteremove some try/except + consistency not works with...
2015-12-31 Emmanuel Garettesimplify _setvalue
2015-12-30 Emmanuel Garetteremove some try/except
2015-12-17 Emmanuel Garettesimplification
2015-12-16 Emmanuel Garette_getmaster must use cached value
2015-12-14 Emmanuel Garetteadd some optimisation
2015-11-29 Emmanuel Garetterequires could be apply to a slave and properties could...
2015-11-19 Emmanuel Garetteseparate value in slave
2015-10-29 Emmanuel Garetteoptimise mandatory_warnings
2015-10-26 Emmanuel Garettevalid properties for slaves when set or append a master...
2015-05-03 Emmanuel GaretteSome optimisations
2015-04-18 Emmanuel Garetterefactor validation
2014-12-07 Emmanuel Garettemandatory master/slave's consistency with default value...
2014-12-01 Emmanuel Garettecan reset slave value in all case when deleting master...
2014-12-01 Emmanuel Garetteimprove GroupConfig/MetaConfig
2014-10-26 Emmanuel Garettepass force_permissive to slave for a master or to maste...
2014-07-06 Emmanuel Garettebetter support for sqlalchemy storage
2014-06-19 Emmanuel Garetteadd DynOptionDescription
2014-04-26 Emmanuel Garetteadd SubMulti
2014-04-17 Emmanuel Garettereport/generate.py: corrections
2014-04-13 Emmanuel GaretteMerge branch 'orm' of ssh://git.labs.libre-entreprise...
2014-04-13 Emmanuel GaretteMerge branch 'master' into orm
2014-04-12 Emmanuel Garettesplit tiramisu/option.py and add MasterSlaves object