2013-04-03 Emmanuel Garettetiramisu/value.py : self.opt => opt + disable permissiv...
2013-04-03 Emmanuel Garetteoptimisations and all is properties
2013-03-27 gwenbuild cache builds correctly now
2013-03-27 Garette Emmanuelremise en fonction des self._cfgimpl_slots
2013-03-27 Garette EmmanuelLe cache des paths est dans l'OptionDescription
2013-03-26 Garette Emmanuelworks on performante
2013-03-25 Garette Emmanuelsupport break in iterator
2013-03-25 Garette Emmanueladd import and name => opt._name
2013-03-20 Garette Emmanueladd UnicodeOption
2013-03-15 gwentests for get_home_by_paths
2013-03-14 Garette Emmanuelcfgimpl_permissive is not the permissive param
2013-03-14 Garette Emmanuelget_home_by_path is a public method
2013-03-14 Garette Emmanueladd permissive in config
2013-03-13 Garette Emmanuelinformations attribute finally works
2013-03-12 Garette Emmanueladds information attribute to an option
2013-03-12 Garette Emmanueladds information attribute to an option
2013-03-07 gweniter on all objects
2013-03-06 Garette Emmanuelgenerate correct len for slave if no value
2013-03-06 gwenMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.labs.libre-entrepris...
2013-03-06 gwenvalid name accepts only str type
2013-03-01 gwenBaseType refactoring
2013-02-27 gwenfinally a getvalue without a getattr
2013-02-27 gwentype shall not be a list
2013-02-26 gwentype shall not be a list
2013-02-26 gwentype shall not be a list
2013-02-26 gwenprevious value api
2013-02-26 gwenis_empty
2013-02-25 gwenpep8
2013-02-25 gwenoption names shall be valid names
2013-02-25 gwenmasterlen > instead of !=
2013-02-25 gwenprivate method _get_multitype()
2013-02-25 gwenprivate method _get_multitype()
2013-02-25 gwenoption's name shall not have an api's method name
2013-02-22 gwenadd masters/slaves in the Values()
2013-02-21 gwenrefactoring values
2013-02-19 gwendoc theme
2013-02-19 gwendoc theme
2013-02-19 gwenupdate of the doc
2013-02-08 gwenrefactoring, the values are in an OptionValues object
2013-02-07 gwenvalues are in value objects now
2013-02-06 gwenmaster groups that have multis
2013-02-06 gwenmasters shall have the same names as groups
2013-02-06 gwenadds a freeze_everything possibility
2013-02-06 gwenvalidator set to false for read_write in setting
2013-01-31 Daniel DehenninFix line wrapping and some raise messages spacing
2013-01-31 Daniel DehenninFix appending to a non-grouped multi
2013-01-31 Daniel DehenninFind breaks on "disabled" property
2013-01-30 Daniel DehenninBetter raise message
2013-01-30 Daniel DehenninDo not append default value on already defined multi...
2013-01-30 Daniel DehenninFix infinite recursion on calculated master of multi...
2013-01-30 Daniel DehenninRemove useless returns and variables
2013-01-29 Daniel DehenninVariable "ret" referenced before assignment
2013-01-28 gwenfind raises an exception if no option found Fixes ...
2013-01-28 gwensubstitute properties/permissivers in apply_requries
2013-01-11 gwenmaster subgroups that have subgroups
2013-01-10 gwenmulti defaults value addition cinematics
2012-12-11 gwenowners for multi options
2012-12-11 gwengeneric owners shall live in settings
2012-12-10 gwenadd owner
2012-12-10 gwenowners are *real* objects now
2012-12-10 gwenconstants heritage
2012-12-06 gwengroupe_types are real types now
2012-12-06 gwentests on groups/masters allowed groups
2012-12-05 gwencomments on the code
2012-12-05 gwenMulti()'s and append
2012-12-05 gwentests on group types
2012-12-04 gwenmaster len without getattr
2012-12-04 gwenpop and append in multi values
2012-12-04 gwenvalidation of the len of the multi in a group
2012-12-03 gwencomparison failed
2012-11-30 gwensymlink has an option's API
2012-11-30 gwengetkey() and __eq__ for a SymLink
2012-11-30 gwenadd permissive in the requirements
2012-11-29 gwengetdefault returns the default_multi
2012-11-29 gwenstring representation for a symlink option
2012-11-28 gwenconfig's string representation
2012-11-22 gwencustom validator for multis
2012-11-22 gwenis_default in _getattr
2012-11-20 gwendoc: migrated to sphinx
2012-11-20 gwendoc: migrated to sphinx
2012-11-20 gwendoc
2012-11-19 gwendoc for the settings
2012-11-19 gwensettings are in a separate object
2012-11-19 gwenadd custom validator
2012-11-16 gwenmodification of reset's arity
2012-11-15 gwendefault_multi method
2012-11-15 gwenthe value owner is a string now
2012-11-14 gwendoc
2012-11-14 gwendoc
2012-11-14 gwenreset() doc
2012-11-12 gwensuppression of the override
2012-11-08 gwenat_index to check owners
2012-11-08 gwendocstrings for special params
2012-11-07 gwenpermissive getattr in mandatory_warnings()
2012-11-06 gwentest mandatory
2012-10-25 gwendoc : add a link
2012-10-17 gwenmulti options
2012-10-16 gwenpermissive in the getattr
2012-10-15 gwentrimming options's callbacks
2012-10-12 gwenfind method in config filters by attrs